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Kootenai County, ID Public Records

Kootenai County public records are any written, audio, or video material with information related to business conduct or administration via a local government agency. These are accessible to any interested party, provided there are no legal restrictions involved. Vital records fall under this group, considering they may only be viewed by spouses, legal representatives, parents, and the person registered. Marriages, births, divorces, and deaths can be accessed from the Bureau of Vital Records and Health Statistics. Marriages may also be obtained from the County Recorder’s office. Depending on the record type, the fee may vary from $10 to $21 per copy. Property records are also accessible to all requesters, provided there are no legal restrictions. These are available via the County Recorder’s office.

Courts in Kootenai County

Court Records in Kootenai County, Idaho

Kootenai County court records are also available to all interested parties, provided there are no legal exemptions involved. These are accessed from the County Clerk of the District Court. As the District Court is the primary trial court, record seekers may visit the County Justice Building in person to access files. Alternatively, viewing case documents via the state-wide case search portal is possible. Requesters have to provide appropriate details, though, such as docket numbers, party names, court dates, and presiding judges. Record fees, though, would depend on the type and if it has been certified. Some records are not accessible to every interested party, though, as they have confidential information. They entail juveniles, child custody, abuse victim details, and ongoing criminal investigations. These may be viewed by legal representatives, court officials, law enforcement personnel, and the parties to the case.

Court Name:
324 W Garden Avenue
Coeur d'Alene

Jails and Prisons in Kootenai County

Find Inmate Search and Jail Records in Kootenai County, Idaho

Kootenai County inmate records are available to all requesters as provided by local statutes. They are managed by the County sheriff’s office, which also avails a current inmate list and wanted felony report on its website. The current list allows interested parties to view the inmate’s profile, criminal charges, sentencing information, and bail status. Inmates are also allowed visitors every week, but they have to be scheduled in advance. Visitors must also follow facility regulations, including wearing appropriate clothing, not smoking, or carrying photographic equipment. Minors are required to be accompanied by approved adults or legal guardians. Well-wishers may fund inmate accounts by depositing money into the kiosks in the jail lobbies. Kootenai County has four prisons, ranked 41st out of 44 in jails per capita.

Jails and Prisons Name:
5500 North Government Way
Coeur d'Alene

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